Maybe not 1 of the 7 Wonders, but Definitely a Site To Remember

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This baker is specialized in Cheesecake and Fudge


Cynthia Leigh is a soprano singer and this is her range


An esthetician designs and sculpts a "Face To Remember"


A harpist who puts her harp in her heart


A magician who will put tricks out of his hat


This is built for en engineering firm


Yoni is an Israeli dancer, who is now a teacher in Israeli dances, and who organizes dance camps


A Jewish choir, named Kol Hakavod, a dual meaning expressing a job well done, and the voice of "the Blessed One"


Built for a realtor with his initials BK


A Pawn shop deals mainly with Cash, Musical instruments and Jewelry


Dalya is an Israeli dance instructor


Construction company with a domain"


Guitar performer and professor, who was a student of Andres Segovia


House of Israel is part of the International Cottages. Note how the wording is created with a "Faux Hebrew" font


This logo is created with a font totally designed with elements made with a grass element.
This logo and domain could be for a Landscape Designer .. or a Financial Advisor for a DJ, or an event creator


For a Magician, with a lot of Card Tricks


For a guide in NY specialized in Broadway musicals


The logo of my company


A theatre troup


A hair dresser specialized in weddings, with a tag line: Your look, your locks, your day


A violonist, who was a protege of Yasha Heifetz


This is designed for a Jewish wedding: you see the Chupa (canopy) with an alliance on a "wall" and the initials of the couple to be married


Designed for a court reporter, with a tag line "Whatever You Say


This is designed for a violinist