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130 unit Windjammer resort condominium development at Padre Island in Texas

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I design efficient systems that work.
I design and build efficient systems that work.
I design & build efficient systems and tools that work.

pontegirole leonardo

Leonardo finished

In 1502 Leonardo da Vinci made a simple drawing of a graceful bridge with a single span of 720-feet. Da Vinci designed the bridge as part of a civil engineering project for Sultan Bajazet II of Constantinople (Istanbul.) The bridge was to span the Golden Horn, an inlet at the mouth of the Bosphorus River in what today is Turkey. But, the bridge was never built. 

Leonardo's "Golden Horn" Bridge is a perfect "pressed-bow."  Leonardo surmised correctly that the classic keystone arch could be stretched narrow and substantially widened without losing integrity by using a flared foothold, or pier, and the terrain to anchor each end of the span. It was conceived 300 years prior to its engineering principals being generally accepted. It was to be 72 feet-wide (24 meters), 1080-foot total length (360 meters) and 120 feet (40 meters) above the sea level at the highest point of the span.