Maybe not 1 of the 7 Wonders, but Definitely a Site To Remember

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As more and more Americans swap their old feature phones for smartphones some are shunning their home computers in favor of accessing the Internet on their mobile devices.

Pew's first-ever smartphone use survey reveals why: Today in the US 42% of mobile phone users, and 35% of all adults, pack the power of a smartphone in their pocket. Most smartphone owners (87%) use their device to access the Internet and their email while on the go, and 68% do so on a daily basis, found the Pew Internet Project's survey on smartphone use.

The special website adapted for smartphone is not for the owner of the website, who doesn't need to search with Google or something else for his/her own website; just to think of it, Beethoven was almost deaf, and he was creating music for other to listen.
It is made for all the other growing number of Internet people who use a smartphone, who want to see your site or to know when is your next venue/teaching, even when they have a regular computer nearby.

As a simulation, please click here to check if your website is mobile ready.