Maybe not 1 of the 7 Wonders, but Definitely a Site To Remember

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Basic proposal for a turn-key website: $1,000

Maintenance-web hosting (storage, server, email, domain renewal) cost $30/month, storage up to 150MB
A website first needs content, which will be structured as advised, then pictures, which will be chosen and formatted approprietly. The web site is created with HTML, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash, and many more tools, sound, special effects.

List of services & other financial arrangement:

  • no commitment besides six months
  • Financing: $180 per 3-months, nothing upfront ($20/month goes towards the $1,000); $30/month after 50 months
  • Renting: $150 per 3-months, nothing upfront.
  • The maintenance (text, pictures, add-on) will be charged $50/hour, if it goes over 20 minutes per month

We create a domain name when possible, and these are the ingredients:

  • Meaningful,
  • memorable
  • Easy to spell
  • sometimes with a wit insite (A Coat For All Seasons)
  • with an action inside (I Built With Care)
  • With a personification (I Care for Your Car)

We have designed more than 1,000 Logos;
there are always new objects, new design available,
and we will choose together the one which represents your offer.

When there is a domain name like, the best for branding is to create a new email address like, which will be forwarded to your regular email, and mail box.
On a business card, for instance, where every word or space are counted, your email will reinforce your brand name, i.e. your domain

Mini Website

This mini website is an extension of a resume, or of a business card. The amount of information you write on a business card is always limited. The information presented on a resume could be sizzled by an artistic presentation, bio, accomplishment, hobbies of yourself. This is used by professionals looking for a job, or for a better job, by students prior to be accepted by a college. It is under the umbrella of and can be accessed directly by entering in the URL window. This service costs $100 to setup and $90 for a 3-month period $30/month, 1-year minimum.